Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Use the Links for Info

For the latest info on RITA, use the LINKS below to view authoritative sources and news sources!

Note: The Houston Chronicle blog section under the direction of Dwight Silverman has launched " Stormwatchers", a new blog featuring reports on Rita from bloggers around the Houston area, including those of us blogging from endangered areas. Ttyler5 at this blog has also been asked to post there.

Check it out

  • National Hurricane Center Tropical Prediction Center

  • National Hurricane Center Rita Current Advisories

  • National Hurricane Center Rita 3 Day Probability Cone

  • National Hurricane Center Rita 5 Day Probability Cone

  • The Galveston County Daily News

  • Guidry Online News Station

  • The Houston Chronicle

  • Eric Berger's SciGuy Blog

  • Kemah Net

  • KTRK Channel 13

  • KHOU Channel 11

  • KPRC Channel 2

  • NewsRadio 740 KTRH Houston
  • As of this post, the situation regarding Rita has changed considerably for the Houston-Galveston Area.

    Rita's predicted landfall --- which originally was near Matagorda Bay --- is slowly moving to the East of Houston and Galveston. This has significant consequences for our area, please check the television links and radio links especially for information on these new developments.

    The massive evacuation -- which began in an orderly fashion but has since mushroomed into a gigantic Media-Driven exodus as people from areas where only a voluntary evacuation was suggested have joined in --- has also lead to an unparalleled traffic jam in the outboundbound lanes of our major Texas freeways, especially I-45 North, 288 North, I-10 East, and 290 East.

    According to news reports and eyewitness accounts, many people have been on the freeways attempting to leave the area for over 15 hours.

    Many others, frustrated by the bumper-to-bumper standstill traffic, have turned around to go home after, for example, travelling 8 miles in 3 hours.